30 oct. 2013

Polio can make menopause more severe.

(NewsFix) A study shows that women who are disabled by polio have more trouble with the menopause than non-disabled women.

Polio is an illness which often affects children but whose symptoms – which are neurological in kind – may persist for many years. Doctors at the University of Michigan reveal how polio impacts on women going through the menopause.

They carried out a nationwide study covering half a million women in the US with a history of polio and compared them to men with a history of polio to see what impact menopause might have. 

They found that the more severe a woman’s post-polio symptoms were, the worse her menopausal symptoms were. And while post-polio women approaching menopause were more happy than their male counterparts, when they were going through the menopause, the reverse was true.

And more post-polio women – 39 per cent – used hormone replacement therapy than women without a history of polio (the average rate for US women is just 21 per cent). The study will, hopefully, raise awareness of the difficulties that polio survivors may have with the menopause.